EGY v CAN (15 / 16)

Hero Hockey Junior World Cup Men 2013

Match Date Time Pool/Class Venue
37 2013-12-14 13:15 15 / 16 1
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Egypt 3 - 0 (1 - 0)


Egypt vs Canada - Men's Hero Hockey Junior World Cup India [14/12/2013]

The two lowest ranked teams entering the competition could not upset the odds and played each other for 15th position. Play started slowly in the midday heat, then Canada took a slight edge on the proceedings; they had a first opportunity on penalty-corner but Gordon Johnston was too slow to deliver his flick and the Egyptian runners thwarted his attempt.

Egypt had a long period of domination during which they created havoc in the Canadian defense but could not deliver the final blow. Canada had trouble untangling themselves from the Egyptian press when they had the ball and relied more and more on individual runs to progress towards the Egyptian circle. Vikramjeet Sandhu earned a penalty-corner after a long run on the left wing, but Gordon Johnston was again slow to unleash his flick.

Egypt opened the scoring in the 32nd minute by Ahmed Karem, completely alone in the circle after a swift counter-attack and a couple of long passes left the entire Canadian team in no-man’s-land. Canada were caught again on the back foot in the opening action of second period, conceding a penalty-corner. It was well executed by the Egyptians but shot marginally wide.

This was possibly the wake-up call that Canada needed and they started to play with more purpose. They forced a penalty-corner but once again could not capitalize on it. They took advantage of a temporary numerical advantage during an Egyptian green card to earn themseleves another penalty-corner but used the same straight forward option countered yet again by the fast Egyptian runners.

Canada mustered some momentum in the final ten minutes of play but scrambled another penalty-corner chance. Egypt were more efficient at the other end and Ashraf Said scored an insurance goal in the 67th minute, forcing Canada to pull their goal-keeper for a desperate last rush. It was however much too little and too late and Egypt were soon celebrating their first win of the competition while the Canadians were left dejected at the bottom of the standings.



Goal Detail

Team Minute Shirt # Player Action Score
EGY 32 8 KAREM Ahmed FG 1 - 0
EGY 67 10 SAID Ashraf FG 2 - 0
EGY 70 17 AHMED Reda FG 3 - 0

Card Detail

Team Minute Shirt # Player Type Umpire
CAN 10 17 PANESAR Balraj G
EGY 24 20 ALI Waled G
EGY 51 12 RAGAB Mohamed G
EGY 61 14 MOHSEN Ahmed Y (5') MAUSS Benjamin
CAN 68 5 CURRAN Spencer Y (5') LOPEZ RAMOS Daniel

Match Officials

Role Official
Umpire LOPEZ RAMOS Daniel (URU)
Umpire MAUSS Benjamin (FRA)
Reserve Umpire LIM Hong Zhen (SIN)
Video Umpire BALE Bruce (ENG)
Judge SHELAR Rajendra (IND)
Judge ALEMAN Luis (ARG)
Technical Officer DE SALES Claudius (IND)
Tournament Director COLLIER David (ENG)
GER v NED (SF 2) ENG v ESP (13 / 14)
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