KOR v BEL (5th/6th)

Champions Challenge 1 2014 (W)

Match Date Time Pool/Class Venue
22 2014-05-04 12:45 5th/6th
Previous 11 months ago Next
Korea 1 - 1 (0 - 0) (2 - 1 SO)


Korea v Belgium (5th/6th Play-off) - Women's Champions Challenge I - Highlights

Two tough-playing teams who know they should have progressed further in the Champions Challenge 1 played out an end-to-end game that was short on goals but heavy on entertaining hockey. The final score at the end of regulation time was 1-1 courtesy of a scrambled goal from Charlotte de Vos and a solo effort from Park Mi Hyun, during which she won a penalty and then converted it.

The final minutes of the game were largely Belgium, but despite strong attacking runs from Stephanie de Groof and Barbara Nelen in particular, the Red Panthers were unable to deliver the winning goal.

At the other end of the pitch, Korea created chances when they broke out of their circle, but neither a diving attempt by captain Kim Jong Eun nor a fine shot from Park, could break the deadlock.

Shoot-out was always going to be tough for Belgium as they had lost the quarter finals in the same manner. Certainly the players looked hesitant as Alix Gerniers, de Groof, Anouk Raes and Nelen all missed. Park scored from a cheeky lob over the Belgium goalkeeper, Aisling D'Hooghe, and Cheon Seul scored the winner.

The result means Korea finish the Champions Challenge 1 in fifth place and Belgium finish sixth. Han Jin Soo, the Korea coach said he was delighted with his team's ability to bounce back after earlier disappointing results. "Now we can go to The Hague with some confidence."



Goal Detail

Team Minute Shirt # Player Action Score
BEL 49 15 de VOS Charlotte FG 0 - 1
KOR 52 10 PARK Mihyun PS 1 - 1

Shootout Detail

X Goal, O Saved, - Not Taken
Team Attacker Defender Result Score
KOR PARK Mihyun D'HOOGHE Aisling X 1-0
BEL de SCHEEMAEKERE Anne-Sophie JANG Soo Ji X 1-1
KOR KIM Darae D'HOOGHE Aisling O 1-1
BEL de GROOF Stephanie JANG Soo Ji O 1-1
KOR CHO Eunji D'HOOGHE Aisling O 1-1
BEL NELEN Barbara JANG Soo Ji O 1-1
KOR CHEON EunBi D'HOOGHE Aisling X 2-1
BEL RAES Anouk JANG Soo Ji O 2-1
KOR KIM Ok Ju D'HOOGHE Aisling - 2-1

Card Detail

Team Minute Shirt # Player Type Umpire
KOR 38 23 LEE YoungSil Y (10') YAMADA Emi
KOR 50 20 PARK Ki Ju Y (5') YAMADA Emi
BEL 54 30 VAN DEN BORRE Stephanie Y (5') JUDEFIND Stephanie
KOR 66 10 PARK Mihyun G YAMADA Emi

Match Officials

Role Official
Umpire YAMADA Emi (JPN)
Umpire JUDEFIND Stephanie (USA)
Reserve Umpire LIU Xiaoying (CHN)
Judge FENNER Juriah (MAS)
Technical Officer MORGAN Barbara (SCO)
Tournament Director PARKS Paula (CAN)
SCO v IND (7th/8th) RSA v ESP (3rd/4th)
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